Coral Lune Lou

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dreams in Valdez

Alaska. Cold, family ,snowboarding. I Have here almost my whole life. Last year I went with my friend to celebrate her birthday in Valdez. I had never been there, and after I get back from byu Idaho, I'm going there.

It was the most beautiful place I had ever been, and I will never forget it. The people, the stores and especially the bay/beach. Me and my friend just sat thee, pinching the seaweed, siting on rocks, and talking about our struggles and our future at collage. That's where I found myself, and there, it was dana-vu. If you know me, I have a dream everynight, and it happens in my life. No really it does. One dream, I got hit by a semi along with my friend, the next day we were racing and a semi crossed right infront of her. And in Valdez, we would be asked to go on a boat with a guy who looked about 50 who we didn't know. Before he could ask(real life) I made the excuse of I was very sick. Sure this post is pointless but I don't care. This is just something that has been going through my head all day.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

personal narritive project-comment its for credit(school)

They have all said that you can not find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with in your elementary grades, but I knew they were wrong. I was Kayli, an eleven year old girl, who had glasses, you know, the Harry Potter like ones, and who had the personality and the randomness that every other girl didn’t have. I had it all; well everything but, Grayson castaway. He was the jock, the joker, and the old fashion nerd. You know, the braces and the glasses look. He had everything, but me.

            At this point you would probably think we were meant to be, but that was far from true. He hung out with my worse enemies. The ones who pushed me around and mad fun of me for what I was. But being in 6th grade, I didn’t really care all that much, as long as I had friends and a family that loved me I was fine. But I had it all wrong.

            At this time it was the last quarter of my sixth grade year, and I, Kayli, was the class clown. You know how all you have to do these days to get a guys attention is to have perfect hair and know how to play football? Well that wasn’t the case here. Being class clown brought you to the top of the “attention getter” chain and it was definitely the place that every girl wanted to be.

            One Friday at recess Grayson best friend Jacob, delivered the news. But, before I tell you any more of the story I have to tell you one thing so it all makes some sense. When I like a guy I tell my friend with the biggest mouth because I find it a lot more effective if they know, so obviously, I told my friend a few days prier to this incident.
            “Kayli! Grayson likes you!”

I was shocked. Not at the fact that Grayson liked me, but at the fact that it spread super quickly.

“Really?” I replied.

I was still really surprised of what happened that same two seconds ago. I tried to ask Jacob why Grayson liked me, but he ran off. But, he didn’t run far enough, so he could hear my friend Taylor scream

“Tell Grayson Kayli likes him too!”

“Way to go!” I screamed. If you were with me then were would have probably thought I was “mad” or “pissed off” but I was neither, I was in love.

The next day was quiet and I couldn’t find any way to talk to him. As the day passed on, it got really awkward. Expectally considering we were reading the Romeo and Juliet play. After reading the story we had to answer comprehension questions consisting of
1)     Why were Romeo and Juliet not allowed to wed?
2)     Why did Romeo kill himself?
3)     Would you kill your self if your love died?

We stared at the page for a while and started to laugh.

Next was recess. I was so excited. He invited me to play tag with him and his friend which turned out to be just hang out on the swings and talking for about five minutes until the bell rang.

A couple weeks passed of immature kids flirting and random talk of are future and on till the last day of school when I ended It and told him we’d be better off as friends. And so, like his last name, he moved to Montana.
So may be this wasn’t the “cutest couple” or the “ most romantic” story you have every heard of, but come on, it was sixth grade.

You know how these days the person who ends a relationship is usually the one who knows it wouldn’t have last? Well that wasn’t why I ended it at all. I ended it because I didn’t want to be the one hurt in the end. But sense this experience I haven’t told boys I liked them. Why you may ask? Because they’re right, you can’t find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with till your older and know what love actually is.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


You might say, if you known me before i moved, i was a totally different person. I used to be the one, that took all the mean words and the thoughts my friends through at me. i was the one who had challenges and gave up because i couldnt do anything right. i was the one with a disability that made it hard for me to make friends without making myself look like a loon. Some people say, like one of my teachers, one traumatizing, or one thing that scares you to the point before death can change you. But, nothing can change you right away.

you may wonder why i am telling you this. its because this post is going to all of my friends who hurt me, changed me, or was just there for me when i couldnt get up, the ones ho were there when i was struggling with something that was pulling me down, you brought me up, you got me through the moment.

One my first day of middle school it was different. A time when i knew, on one. You see i moved, and that was a hard move. Because that was my first move.Sure, it was only a little further then the other house, but this house had me in a range that i couldnt just walk to a friends house, or make excuses to not go to church when parents were sick, now i acually had to go to church when they were sick. i was slipping away from the church and not even my parents knew. Friends change things, and when one friend goes, you slip.

my first day of church was even odder. i was still a little behive and i was very shy( no really, i was believe it or not) and i had no interest in coming there. you see, for the past 2 years of behive i had been in another ward and i had known no one. And i gave no one a chance to even try to become a friend ith me. And im sorry because you worked so hard too.

This year and as a miamaid, its a little different. Sure, i dont have what the world wants to offer me yet, but i would sure take it. Maybe being different is okay. This year i have found myself, and i am different. i expectally feel very sorry for one of my friends, we havent talked for months, and she hasnt even seen the change, and im afraid of loosing another one of you.this past year, i have had my friend pass away from a cancer that she only had for 2 months. This is the thing that has really shown me that i need to step it up and do something with my life. this is why i am creating this blog, to talk about ways i am going to change, and make my place in the world. Weither cleaning up a park or shoveling someones drive way, i will make a diference in someones life.